RisoALMO is rice culture from 1930

A story of family. The kind of wonderful stories that are now so rarely heard. A story of passion and commitment, quality without compromise, and values that can also make a difference. One for all? Checks on 100% of the rice production. From selecting seeds to the finished product on the table, along with the corresponding recipes to make your mouth water, just look at the back of our rice package! We know the name and origin of every single grain, and how it was chosen, grown and processed.



the sor(rice): A love story

A story between us and our land, producing select rice and unique quality. You have the outcome in your hands, soon on your plate also.
Mother Nature follows her own path and we learn from her, with a smile playing on our lips.
We are able to say “no”… to preservatives, aromas, glutamates, industrial processing,
and the addition of artificial flavourings
Because it is “yes” that makes difference …to hand-working, natural raw ingredients, nothing added, traditional recipes, and the personal tasting of every single recipe, along with genuine, authentic flavours.







World’s Rice


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